Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine, which has been recognized for it’s numerous benefits for thousands of years, where a professional therapist puts special cups to apply suction on the skin. This technique uses glass, plastic or rubber cups where pressure is evacuated to create a suction to the skin that is then lifted up into the cup, contrary to a typical massage where pressure is applied directly into the muscles. Once suctioned, the cups are typically left on the body for 10 minutes, while you relax.

Because this technique pulls the blood and toxins to the surface of the body, it may occasionally leave a temporary mark that looks like a bruise, but it is not painful. These marks can last anywhere between a few hours to a couple of weeks before gradually fading away entirely.

  • Pain relief for conditions including back and muscle pain, rheumatism and migraines
  • Reduce anxiety and fatigue
  • Enhance blood and lymph flows, pulling toxins out of the body
  • Relieve poor circulation
  • Control respiratory conditions, such as asthma
  • Clear congestion from a common cold
  • Can be used to treat cellulite, as the skin is softened and toned
  • By applying cups to the meridian of the back, you open up the channels which energy flows freely throughout the body providing a smoother and more free-flowing qui (life force)

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