We have been receiving a number of calls regarding orders from a company or companies known as “PUREBEAUTY”. Customers are complaining about not receiving products that are being charged on their credit cards. Some charges have been reported to be ongoing monthly charges. OUR customers can ONLY purchase products on the following legitimate websites: and We encourage you to check out our websites and if you do not see the product(s) you ordered there, then the charge of not related to us. Charges from our company are listed as “Purebeauty International”. If your credit card charge is not listed that way then we encourage you to call your credit card company directly to have them reverse your charge. We have been as inconvenienced as you have and are victims of this fraudulent activity. Before calling our customer service line, please take the above steps as we will not be able to assist you with this matter. We will direct you to deal with your credit card company. Thank you.